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The Enso is a multi-lumen silicone tube placed in the esophagus which circulates water to cool or warm a patient allowing heat exchange inside a closed loop system without patient contact. Close proximity to blood flow from the heart allows highly efficient heat transfer to a patient, while simultaneously maintaining access to the stomach to allow gastric suctioning, decompression, and drainage. Modulation and control of the patient’s temperature is achieved by connecting ensoETM to an external heat exchanger. The simple, disposable device improves the effectiveness of temperature maintenance while minimizing the risks of other existing or invasive methods.(1)

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Esophageal temperature management with the Enso works where blood supply begins, right next to the heart for precise, consistent control.

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Ideal placement into gastric space.

  1. Kulstad E, Metzger AK, Courtney DM, et al. Induction, Maintenance, and Reversal of Therapeutic Hypothermia with an Esophageal Heat Transfer Device. Resuscitation. 2013;84(11):1619-1624.