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e-book: Leave it to Fever: Life Lessons for Neurogenic Fever Management

The role of fever and hyperthermia in the neurologically impaired patient is well documented; many studies identify fever as detrimental regardless of the cause.  In a meta-analysis of over 14,000 patients with neurological injuries, fever was associated with poorer health outcomes.1  However, there are no standardized patient management approaches. A survey of AACN and AANN nurses in 2015 found a pressing need for education, calling for the “development of a stepwise approach to neuro-specific protocols for fever management.” 2 This session will review neurogenic fever, its incidence, thermoregulatory shifts associated with hypothalamic injuries, and associated interventions.

1Greer DM, et al.  Impact of Fever On Outcome in Patients with Stroke and Neurologic Injury: a Comprehensive Meta-Analysis. Stroke 2008; 39:3029-35.

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