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Introducing Attune Medical

This year marks an exciting new milestone in the world of temperature management: Advanced Cooling Therapy is now Attune Medical (read the full press release here).

As the company has grown and collaborated with practitioners, we came to more deeply appreciate the need for a simple solution in a variety of complex clinical scenarios that go beyond therapeutic hypothermia (also known as targeted temperature management), so I’m proud to announce that we’re changing our name to Attune Medical. This growth has only been possible due to the great work from our employees, board members, and shareholders, and I want to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point.

Attune Medical better illustrates our commitment to temperature management therapy in all clinical contexts, and highlights our focus on being attuned to three crucial pillars of our business: clinical needs, the state of science, and most importantly, patient safety.

This is incredibly significant, as more than 20 million patients in the US every year need active temperature management, but it’s estimated that less than 10 percent of those patients receive the correct treatment. This is a result of a whole host of issues, including lack of efficient products, workflow challenges and insufficient understanding of best practices for targeted temperature management.

Along with the change to Attune Medical from Advanced Cooling Therapy, we’ve also updated our primary product. The Esophageal Cooling Device (ECD) is now the EnsoETM, reflecting both the simplicity of the device and our broader focus on esophageal temperature management. I invite you to review current publications for more details on device performance.

Attune Medical’s proprietary technology gives healthcare providers easy access to a patient’s core and allows them to control the patient’s temperature, whether warming or cooling, through the esophagus when clinically indicated. Our device can be placed rapidly, in a fashion similar to a standard gastric tube, and can be used in the operating room, recovery room, emergency room, or ICU. This is the only approved device on the market that uses the esophageal environment for full-body temperature control.

I want to echo a quote from Robin Drassler, our North American VP of Sales, in that our technology and approach to temperature management go well beyond just cooling, which is a key point that both changes address.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to innovate and improve the standards of patient care within  temperature management. New clinical guidelines and evidence continually demonstrate the importance of this therapy, and our growth in this market is a direct result of our focus and dedication.

As Advanced Cooling Therapy, we were the market leader in temperature management innovation. As Attune Medical, we’re still the market leader in temperature management innovation, but we’ve adjusted our focus to enable the further growth and success of our company. I’m proud of how far we’ve come, and can’t wait to keep our incredible positive momentum going. At the end of the day, it’s about the patient, and we’re now better attuned to the people that need us.