EnsoETM Details

At Attune Medical, we look at the world around us and ask how we can both simplify and improve. We’ve revolutionized temperature management by simplifying access to the patient’s core.




Materials Medical-grade silicone
 (Does not contain natural rubber latex or phthalates)
Medical-grade silicone
(Does not contain natural rubber latex or phthalates)
Connector Gaymar/Stryker Clik-Tite Colder Products Company PLCD22004
External heat exchanger Stryker Altrix Temperature Management System
Gaymar/Stryker Medi-Therm III Hyper/Hypothermia System
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Blanketrol II or Blanketrol III Hyper-Hypothermia System
Outside diameter 12.0 mm (0.47 in) 12.0 mm (0.47 in)
Inside diameter of gastric lumen 2.6 mm (.10 in) 2.6 mm (.10 in)
 (from distal tip to proximal hub)
758 mm (29.8 in) 758 mm (29.8 in)
Water volume 55 mL (1.9 fl oz.) 55 mL (1.9 fl oz.)
Maximum pressure 103 kPa (15 psi) 103 kPa (15 psi)
Temperature range 4°C to 42°C (39°F to 108°F) 4°C to 42°C (39°F to 108°F)

Clinician Testimonials

We can now operate comfortably, with the OR at a reasonable temperature, and complete more surgical procedures in one sitting. John Dingley, MD

Anesthesiologist, Swansea University School of Medicine, Wales, U.K.

We love the device.  We are currently working with our materials department to bring the device into our system. Thanks,

Jessie Reid BSN, RN, CCRN, DPH

ICU & PCU Nursing Operations Manager, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, a part of Orlando Health

 I took care of an ECD patient during the maintenance/cooling and rewarming period.  It is much easier to handle, much cleaner, neater, and easier to reposition than what we were using.

MICU Nurse, Presence Resurrection Medical Center, Chicago