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Introducing Attune Medical: the medical device company dedicated to developing simple, effective solutions for the complex problem of targeted temperature management.

Why ETM for TTM?

Simplified Core Access

The Enso ETM simplifies targeted temperature management by providing highly effective core cooling and warming without the risks associated with vascular access.

Simple Insertion

The EnsoETM is the only device on the market that controls patient temperature through the esophagus. It can be easily placed by most trained healthcare professionals in similar fashion to an orogastric tube, so it doesn’t require extensive training. The EnsoETM can control patient temperature in the operating room, recovery room, emergency room, or ICU.


Enteral Administration

Attune Medical is excited to introduce two new EnsoETM models, the ECD03 and ECD04, with integrated ENFit® connectors for enteral administration of fluid and medication through the central lumen.
The ECD01 and ECD02 are approved for sale in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. The ECD03 and ECD04 are approved for sale in the United States. The ECD03 and ECD04 are not approved for sale in Europe, Australia, and Canada.




Stryker/Gaymar + ENFit®


CSZ Blanketrol


CSZ Blanketrol + ENFit®

Deep Dive: EnsoETM Temperature Management Research

Esophageal Temperature Management in Post-cardiac Arrest, Refractory Fever, and Burn Patients

Open Access Article

Data were aggregated from three clinical sites for retrospective analysis. Across all active cooling protocols, the average time-to-target was 2.37 h (range 0–14 h, SD ± 2.8 h) and the average maintenance phase was 22.4 h (range 13–31 h). Patients spent 94.9% of the maintenance phase within ±1.0°C and 67.2% within ±0.5°C.

Shivering Treatments for TTM : A Review

Open Access Article

Shivering is common during targeted temperature management and controlling it can be challenging if clinicians are not familiar with the available options and recommended approaches. The purpose of completing this review is to summarize the most relevant literature regarding various treatments available for shivering control and to recommend an approach based on the latest data.

Normothermia: EnsoETM vs Other Methods

Open Access Article

Achieving and maintaining normothermia (NT) after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) or intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) often require temperature modulating devices (TMD). Shivering is a common adverse effect of TMDs that can lead to further costs and complications. We evaluated an esophageal TMD, the EnsoETM (Attune Medical, Chicago, IL), to compare NT performance, shiver burden, and cost of shivering interventions with existing TMDs.

EnsoETM Placement Video Manuscript

Open Access Article

This study presents a novel method to provide efficient patient temperature control for cooling or warming patients. A single use, triple lumen device is placed into the esophagus, analogous to a standard orogastric tube, and connects to existing heat exchange units to perform automatic patient temperature management.

The COOL study: A study of EnsoETM feasibility and safety

Open Access Article

Targeted temperature management (TTM) between 32 and 36C is recommended after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest(OHCA).We aimed to assess the feasibility and safety ofthe “Esophageal Cooling Device” (ECD) in performing TTM.

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